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H O N O U R I N G   L O S S

Loss is woven into our lives as women; whether that be through the shedding of our monthly blood, or the deeper experiences of baby loss. Our womb spaces hold the memories of all we have gone through deep within their cells.

I offer a space for all those who feel called to tend to a pregnancy loss. This may be many years after the loss happened, or very recently. From the perspective of the soul, if there is healing that needs to happen, then time is irrelevant.

To step on the path of healing after loss takes courage, and a willingness to look within yourself. I am here to stand by your side as you step through this door. Know that this work of tending to loss in a way that is sacred, sends healing back through the ancestral line of mothers. You are paving a way for generations to come through acknowledging that you are worthy of healing, and witnessing all of life as sacred. 


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How can we hold ourselves in hands of infinite love and compassion for all we have been through?

How can I support you?

I will hold a container for you to share what is present in your heart and your womb. I shall listen to all that you are bringing to the call, I shall hear your pain and sorrow. All of you is welcome. 

I bring a toolkit of simple somatic practises to help ground the body and be present as words are shared.

I show you how to belly wrap your womb space. So that she too may feel held throughout our time together. 

We shall work together to craft a ceremony for you to honour the loss. The creation of sacred space through ceremony, offers an opportunity to release aspects of your loss which are still present. It allows you to let go of any pain, shame or trauma surrounding this experience, transforming it in a way of beauty through the elements. 

Many women seek a connection with the soul of the little being who departed. I offer ways to communicate with this baby soul, how to make peace with and reconcile your experience.

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The Healing Power of the Plant World

As part of the session I shall give you a handout about how to have a Herbal Bath Ritual. This is to allow the healing to continue and support the integration of any shifts that have occured during the session.

I shall send you the herbs that you need for this beautiful and healing offering.

How would a session flow ?


This space if for you, what do you need ?

How can we carve out a little window of time amidst the intensity of life to drop in to your story, your loss ?

I am here for you, and sit with you as I listen to what is needed in our time together.

It is different for every single woman.

There is no wrong way to step onto this path of healing, it takes real courage to choose to bring softness to an experience that is not valued in the outer world.

I honour your bravery.

Please reach out with any questions or queries, I am here to support you at any point of the journey.


Zoom Call.

Duration: 1hr -1hr30

Cost: £40- 60




Why do I hold this space for loss ?

I hold this space because this work runs deep in my bones as a woman, because I wish to uproot what was hidden and buried long ago and bring this to the light.

Because we deserve to have every thresholds that we pass through in this life honoured, revered and held safe.

Because we are life bringers in every sense.

Because we are our stories, and the stories of our grandmothers, they are telling us that when we heal, we heal them too.

All is born from woman.


The Spark of My Own Story

Many years ago I ended a pregnancy, a decision that changed my world forever. I was initiated into the shadow side of being a woman, and felt a jolt of resonance with all the women who came before me who I done the same. I was in safe arms.

And I met the spirit of my baby, a wise and kindred soul who once on the other side, gave me a strong assignment, that of writing my book.


A book that I would have liked to hold in my hands when I was journeying through the grief and pain of that decision.  One that could reweave the red thread of forgotten grandmother wisdom and be a balm for my sisters across the globe.

Once I had written, drawn and crafted this creation, I knew that the next step would be to sit in circle with women, to hold space for the stories, the tears, the sorrow.

So this is where I am now, creating circles, holding spaces, sharing my journey, all with the intention of creating radical space for those who seek healing after their loss.

To gently walk alongside you for a part of your healing journey, is a great honour and one that I do not hold lightly.

I offer a prayer of gratitude to all those women who I have supported, and to all who have bought this book and have chosen a path for themselves, rooted in compassion, acceptance and love.

Honouring the Loss - A Holistic Guide to Healing with Ritual and Herbal Medicine after an Abortion


I wrote this book as an offering to all women who seek healing after an abortion. Opening these pages is an invitation to drop into your body and take time to tend to yourself once again.

Honouring your experience as worthy of healing. By connecting to the plants and creating gentle rituals, you create a space for healing to happen and begin to weave yourself back together again.

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