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B I R T H  W O R K



I offer holistic support throughout the journey of birth and post-partum to women and their families who seek a guide through the extraordinary rite of passage that is birth.


As your doula I shall hold the space around you with a deep sense of trust, I believe that every woman is capable of birthing in her power. I shall be there beside you and your family, supporting you throughout your journey, ensuring that you are honoured in the way that birthing women deserve to be.


What would a full birth package look like ?

If you are only requiring postpartum support then contact me for more infomation about how I can support you during that time.

Connection Meeting


A free introductory meeting. A chance to meet in person, and for you to feel whether I am the right fit for you and your family.



3 pre-birth sessions.

During our time together before the birth, we shall spend time making a connection, drinking tea, and preparing in all the ways that you need for your birth.


Birth Attendance

On call from 38 weeks.

I shall be available for 24 hours a day until your baby is born. Once baby is born I shall stay with you until you feel fully settled and feeding is established.



6 post-partum visits which can be organised in way that suits you. This extended period of support is connected to the ancient way of 'mothering the mother'.





Pre-Birth Visits

The time leading up to the birth can bring up many feelings. My wish is for you to feel fully supported as you journey through the threshold of birth. During our time together we shall:

  • Create a full birth preparation plan that ensures you feel prepared for all eventualities, this also acts as an anchor for you throughout birth.

  •  Share tea and cake as I listen to all that may be present for you in this time, I understand that pregnancy is not all stars and rainbows and it is important to give space to anything challenging that may be emerging.

  • Create a post-partum plan, to ensure that you have all you need in place to feel supported after the birth.

  • Discuss how a partner(if present) may support you during the birth. I shall bring my knowledge of Biomechanics to show you how they could support you to have a positive physiological birth.

Attending the Birth

On Call

From 38 weeks I shall be on call for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week right up until you give birth.

As soon as you are in active labour you can call me and I shall come straight to you and stay with you throughout the birth and for a few hours after, to ensure that you feel settled and supported, wherever that may be.

Throughout the birth I shall be a calm presence there to hold the space around you so that you can travel through this journey feeling fully supported. I shall be an advocate for your wishes, and support any partners/children/family members present.


Post - Partum


Mothering- the -Mother

In many cultures around the world the first 40 days after birth are a sacred window of rest and renewal. It is a crucial time where the mother and baby can bond, and the mother can begin to rebalance after the birth.

Although this is not always possible in our society, I shall support you and your baby to feel as nourrished as possible. This may include:

  • Cooking delicious nourrishing meals.

  • Offering herbal baths which are a beautiful way to heal the body and rest with baby surrounded by gentle herbs.

  • Signposting to the wide network around me if extra support is needed.

  • Listening to all that is present with you as the hormones shift and a new phase of life begins.

  • I offer Belly wrapping which is an ancient way of supporting the body to 'close' after the expansion of birth by wrapping the tummy in organic muslin fabric. This has many physiological and emotional benefits to a new mama.

  • Gentle womb massage with warm oils.

  • Closing the Bones wrapping and ceremony from 6 weeks postpartum.

Each postpartum visit last 2-3 hours.

I offer 16 hours of postpartum care which can be divided up within those 6 weeks in a way that works for each family.



If you feel called to bring in a ceremonial element to your birth journey here are the ways I could weave that in with you:

Mothers Blessing 

A mothers blessing is an ancient way to honour and celebrate the mother before she journey's through birth. We gather with a circle of your closest ones, and celebrate you through ritual and song. Marking this threshold in a sacred and joyful way.

Creating a Birth Altar 

A birth altar can act as a strong focal point during the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth and beyond. We shall gather special items together and find a place in your home to create this small but potent addition to your journey.

Closing Ceremony 

Around 40 days post-partum is a traditionally a time when a ceremony is held for the mother to birth her out into the world. This can also be combined with a placenta burying ritual. 

Closing the Bones wrapping and ceremony

A traditional way to honour the passage of birth and emergence into motherhood. This involves a massage with a rebozo (mexican scarf), holistic massage with warm oil, and a wrapping of the body to support the healing and integration of the birth.


Full Doula Package: sliding scale £600-1400.


The price depends on how many pre-birth and postnatal sessions you would like.

Post-partum only care: £20/hour.

Mother Blessings : £100

Closing Ceremony: £80-120.

*** If you are reaching out for a last minute birth, then we can discuss a suitable price ***

I aim to make my services as accessible as possible, so payment plans are available when needed.

I charge 45p/mile for travel.

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